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Contact us

Kodály Philharmonia Debrecen / Kodály Philharmonic Debrecen 
Kodály Kórus Debrecen

1/c Simonffy Street, Debrecen 4025, Hungary
Phone: +36 52-500-200
Fax: +36 52-412-395

Public relations and ticket sales: Kölcsey Convention Center (1–3 Hunyadi Street, Debrecen) Tickets available at the venue before the concert, also via the national Interticket network and on

Concert venues:
Kölcsey Convention Center (1-3 Hunyadi Street, Debrecen),
St. Anna Cathedral (15 Anna Street, Debrecen),
University of Debrecen (1 Egyetem Square, Debrecen),
Déri Museum (1 Déri Square, Debrecen),
Pásti Street Synagogue (4 Pásti Street, Debrecen),

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